Translating your marketing
briefings into unique products

With our design team and our product engineers, we are leaders in the area of POSM product development. It is our mission to translate your marketing needs into innovative and unique products that reflect your brand identity. While doing so, we consider manufacturing feasibility, costs, timing, sustainability targets and legal requirements. This often results in distinctive designs that are onboarded by our partner vendors.

Head of Design, Paris

Manager Technical, Shenzhen

Assistant Manager Engineering, Shanghai

Designer, Paris

Effective design for your target audience

In many campaigns, our design team overpasses the role of many design agencies: when designing and developing your products, we make sure that we truly understand both your brand and the end users. That is why we base our design on trends, market knowledge and market intelligence input. Not design for design’s sake, but operational and actionable design.

Leader in the field of virtual sampling and 3D prototyping

The benefits of virtual sampling and 3D prototyping are evident. That is why we, as a leading company, continuously improve the use of 3D technology in our design process. 3D prototyping enables us to drastically shorten the product development timeline. With 3D sampling it is possible to remodel the design on the spot and together, without the need for a physical sample after each adjustment. This saves us both money and time and contributes to a lower carbon dioxide emission. We finally produce physical samples when a 3D design is accepted before moving to mass production.